The old adage “many hands make light work” has never been so true as among Massage Therapists. The AMTA-NC chapter wants to provide the very best for its members; and being a volunteer driven organization, ……….. WE need YOU!! That extra ‘body’ that lightens the load, and essentially, helps gain ground & advance the profession.

There are endless ways in which you can aid and assist your chapter;

  • from simply greeting participants at conference/conventions
  • to graphic art talents in designing the newsletter/brochures/postcards
  • to sitting around eating pizza and stuffing membership envelopes full of welcome goodies
  • to attending and representing the AMTA & Massage profession at BMBT/ Board meetings
  • to calling and informing fellow members of up coming events
  • Assisting in organizing local Continuing Education
  • Assisting and participating in National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW) on the National, State and local levels.  Last week in October
  • Visiting your old massage school to share the benefits of the profession and AMTA
  • Or having the ability to see skills within individuals and connecting them with the appropriate need within the chapter

If you find you have a talent and care to share with the other members of the AMTA North Carolina, Please contact the appropriate board member or chairperson to volunteer today!!!!. The profession and AMTA Need you.

AMTA-NC’s current needs are:

National Massage Therapy Awareness Week Volunteers

School Liasons

Ambassadors .

Volunteer Forms:

  • Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct Form
  • Chapter Volunteer Information Form  Form
  • Chapter North Carolina Delegate Booklet  Packet
  • Chapter Officers, Delegate And Committee Chair Resume Form
  • Chapter Officer Job Descriptions  Learn More
  • Debbie Long Memorial Scholarship Grant. Information and Application for Community Outreach/Scholarship Award Form