The Privilege License Tax

This does not include the Art of Healing License.

The Privilege License Tax has been repealed in North Carolina, effective July 1, 2015. 

As a result, no privilege license renewal applications will be mailed.  Please do not remit payment for these taxes without a renewal notification.

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CITY:  Yes, the authority for a city to levy the Business License Tax was repealed by House Bill 1050 (SL 2013-14), effective July 1, 2015.
STATE:  As I understand it, the Art of Healing license is imposed by the State rather than by a city.  I have not found where this tax has been eliminated.  Under Code number 432 there is imposed a $ 50.00 Art of Healing license.  (Under Code number 433 there is imposed a $ 50.00 State Privilege Tax that I pay each year as an Attorney.  The State informs me that I am required to pay this fee as a State Privilege License to practice as an Attorney.  I have not received a notice that this has been repealed.  I expect to receive a notice from the State to pay it.)  I assume you will receive a notice from the State to pay your Art of Healing Tax as in previous years.
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