Marketing Resources

Marketing resources for AMTA members.

Please find below a list of fliers that can easiliy be modified to be specific to your practice.

To convert: Click to open flier (click on: Insert -> Footer -> Edit -> Add Your Contact Info ->Save-> Print)

    • How to Find a Qualified Massage Therapist (Download)
    • Life Changes and Stress Test (Download)
    • How to Get the Most From Your Massage (Download)
    • Massage May Help Ease Your Pain (Download)
    • Research Confirms Massage Therapy Enhances Health (Download)
    • Some Things You Should Know About Massage (Download)
    • The Power of Touch for Pain Relief (Download)
    • What Every Consumer Needs to Know Before Visiting a Massage Therapist (Download)
    • What to Expect At Your Massage Session (Download)