2016 Prize Contributions – Med Stone


The Med-Stone is an innovative massage tool that enhances the massage experience and allows a therapist to bring a “warm stone infusion” anywhere! The Med-Stone is a massage stone that is rechargeable and adjustable to individualize the massage experience for your client. The Med-Stone is portable, can be used with any oil or cream, lasts for up to two hours per charge and only takes two minutes to clean.

Massage Therapists: The Med-Stone is great for massage therapists who like to offer additional services with the basic massage package. Since the stones can heat up within two minutes and last for up to two hours per charge, they are perfect for the traveling therapist to take “on the go”. You can now offer an upgrade in any location at any time! The Med-Stone is a great tool to use to warm the muscle instead of using your hands – let the stone do the work for you.

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